Budget Blues

January 2, 2007

It’s only January 2 but I thought I would get going on my “non resolutions” while I was motivated, and helped by a friend who gave me some budgeting software I sat down and started crunching numbers today. Three things have emerged clearly from this exercise…

1. I spend too much. On little things. I don’t think I am extravagant at all. In fact I know I’m not. I just like my coffees, and am too lazy to get up 5 minutes earlier to pack lunches… and it all adds up.

2. Bank fees and credit card interest gobble up far more money that I had imagined. I must have a close look at my bank, and I must must must pay off the credit card!

3. Budgets are incredibly dry, boring things that make me just want to go and spend money. I need to keep the end goals in my mind otherwise I know I will just spend.


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