Old Friends

January 3, 2007

On New Years day I got a very unexpected email from a friend that I lost contact with over four years ago. She had found me on an old freinds website and wants to get back in touch. I was surprised because I had registered on the site ages ago but had had problems with the registration so thought it hadn’t worked. I was also surprised because I really didn’t expect this friend to try to contact me again. But she did, and I have answered, and I’m actually looking forward to catching up.

Anyway I thought I’d better have another look at the site, or at least have a first look because the first time I never really did see much. Once I entered my school details I was very suprised to see a lot of names I remembered… seems this Old Friends thing is a popular idea. I had some fun going through the profiles and seeing what people are doing after 15 years or more. And I have come to the realisation that while I haven’t done everything I thought I would by now, and I have very very little materially, I have in fact achieved a lot. After reading profile after profile… still here, married with 2 kids/ not married, working in IT/teaching/home with the kids… I started to feel quite good about myself. I’m not trying to belittle what others have done, I am just realising what I have done and actually feeling quite good about the path I have taken- and am still on.

For the record I have worked several years in Nursing, travelled and done volunteer work in the Pacific, Asia and Latin America, met and married my wonderful latino, completed a Masters degree in Development Studies and had a beautiful daughter. Several years of study and travel have made sure I am as still pretty much as poor as the day I left Nursing school but I am so rich in experiences. I had a lot of fun in my twenties, and while now seems to be the time to be a bit more settled and to make some long term plans and decisions (including being serious about finances- see yesterdays post!), I would not trade any of my experiences for the house, car and settled careers of any of my old schoolmates.


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