One for the kiwis

January 21, 2007

What is your tribe? A new book titled 8 Tribes: The Hidden Classes of New Zealand “calls an end to the myth of the “typical New Zealander” and gives us a new vocabulary to talk about New Zealand in the twenty first century. This snapshot of contemporary New Zealand explores our unspoken class system and the hidden social boundaries that separate us from each other”.
Despite some misgivings (not the least of which being that the writers are market researchers/ advertising types) I thought I’d give it a go. Surprisingly the result seemed quite accurate. So for those readers who have any interest at all in learning more about me, here’s my tribal profile…

Your dominant tribe is Grey Lynn
You’re dedicated to the idea of making a difference and living in a principled way. You love culture and ideas.

The Grey Lynn Tribe – Intellectual
The Grey Lynn tribe is made up of intellectuals who value ideas more than things. They are well-educated, highly principled, socially aware, culturally sophisticated people. They believe in collective social responsibility, and that individuals should make a difference by making the world a better place.
This growing tribe is increasingly influential within New Zealand. It might not control the big business decisions, but it is ascendant in government – both Parliament and the Public Service are Grey Lynn tribe-dominated institutions. In the private sector, Grey Lynn tribe members are often educators or work in the creative industries.
The Grey Lynn tribe is made up of relatively affluent people with high-paying knowledge-worker jobs. Affluence allows them to live in comfort and to access things they love – art, travel, a vibrant social life, well-made things. But it’s sometimes hard to reconcile your level of affluence with your principles – having so much when the world is a mess. The Grey Lynn tribe’s solution is to seek out authenticity and to craft a life that makes a difference.

The Raglan Tribe Free spirited
The independent spirits who value the ability to live a life according to their own priorities, not the consumerist pressures for material aggrandizement. They tend to be highly sensate and internally focussed hedonists, or spiritual journeyers, fitness fanatics or adrenaline junkies. Many Kiwis join the Raglan tribe for three weeks at Christmas.

I’ve added the short version of the Raglan tribe because that ran a close second.
So kiwi’s… what’s your tribe?

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