Why Coffee

January 26, 2007

As I seem to be posting a lot about coffee lately I thought it was about time I shared the reasons why I chose coffee as the theme of this blog.

coffeesulaco1.jpg coffeesulaco.jpg
Coffee beans drying in the sun, Honduras.

1. Poverty, trade and social justice.
Coffee is inextricably linked to these issues, which are issues close to my heart and which I will blog about frequently. The story of coffee illustrates the unpleasant side of globalisation, including inequality, unfair trade practises and environmental degradation. But there are also different stories- organic and fair trade alternatives that show how different things could be.

2. Central America
Ok, so Latin America is not the home of coffee (Africa takes that prize), but it is now firmly entrenched in the economy, society and culture of Central America. Central America is my husbands part of the world, half of my daughters heritage and all things going to plan, will one day be my home too.

3. I love coffee!
This one almost goes with out saying! To me, a cup of coffee is the perfect lubricant to a good knotty discussion, for catching up with friends and for unwinding in a quiet corner with a good read.

So, have a cup with me!

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