A kiwi in catracho-landia

January 27, 2007

I’m still not completely sure how blogs and blog stats work but for some reason my recent post about a catracho in kiwi-land resulted in a huge spike in views. Maybe it was the way I tagged it, maybe it was the human interest aspect but whatever the reason it is kind of ironic considering what I’d really like to be blogging about is being a kiwi in Honduras.
The catracho and I have spent much of this evening looking at Honduran real estate websites and dreaming. Of course, all of the places we actually liked were well beyond our budget (or our budget-to-be) but then again, he reckons it’ll be much cheaper if he buys property that isn’t being marketed to gringos! Time will tell, it will be at least a year or more before we get there… and probably quite a bit longer than that before we will be buying a house, should we even decide to stay long term.
I guess this blog is about both New Zealand and Honduras. Where we live now, and where we’re planning to go. It’s a journey and I’m looking forward to “blogging” the ride right here.

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