Tree Hugger

January 30, 2007

Inspired by Sara’s (Walk Slowly, Live Wildly) tree hugger post I have decided it is time to come out to myself and to the world. I am a tree hugger. OK, maybe not in a radical, majorly alternative way, but by the standards set by the culture I grew up in, I am definitely on the “crazy greeny” side of life.

Here’s what I am already doing that would put me in the Tree Hugger box…

  • Recycling. We are lucky to have kerbside recycling here so all paper, plastic and glass gets recycled.
  • Gardening. A few years ago you wouldn’t have cought me anywhere near a garden but I;ve really caught the vege gardening bug. I love going outside and grabbing herbs or carrots or a lettuce for lunch.
  • Worm farm. Alongside the garden I have set up a worm farm to use our organic waste and provide goodies for the garden. Unfortunately it is still small and doesn’t take all our kitchen waste so I think I will set up a regular compost bin soon.
  • Cloth Nappies. Cute, soft, cheap and green.
  • Fair trade. When I have the choice- the fairtade movement is still very small here.
  • Line drying clothes. This is pretty normal in NZ. We don’t even own a dryer, in winter clothes and nappies get hung over racks inside.
  • Glass rather than plastic. OK, I got tempted and bought some tupperware last year, but I actually prefer the look of glass anyway.
  • Here’s what I’m working on…

  • Vegetarianism. Shhhh I haven’t told anyone about this yet- must talk to the Catracho soon. I have been thinking for some time about the ethical and health reasons to reduce my meat intake but just lately something has clicked and I actually don’t even want to eat meat at the moment.
  • Cloth mama pads and a moon cup. I will be getting these sometime very soon.
  • Organics fruit and veg. Once I get myself organised enough to order ahead rather than grab fuit and veg on my way through the supermarket.
  • Cloth bags. I actually have these, I just need to get into the habit of carrying them with me when I go shopping. Luckily our supermarket has nots of cardboard boxes and I usually put the groceries in those then recycle them (Chichi thinks they make great toy cars!).

    And here are some things I’d like to do in the future but can’t seem to get my head around yet…

  • Driving less. I still feel like I need to drive, particularly to work (it’s a 20 minute drive or 1 hour and 2 buses), otherwise I wouldn’t see my daughter on the days I work. Walking or busing to just about anywhere from where we live just takes so long. Cars are just way too convenient!
  • Use natural skin care, fabrics and cleaning products. Again a convenience issue. It’s too easy to just use the products we are familiar with. I guess I should do some more research on this one.
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    One Response to “Tree Hugger”

    1. Shereen Says:

      Hi there. I also read Walk Slowly Live Wildy and have been inspired as well. We seem to have a few things in common. ;0) I just started my worm bin on Friday and started gardning in the last few weeks, etc. I was going to post about my worm bin today. I have been looking into cloth mama pads. ;0) I was going to either order some today or attempt to make some. I have been trying to sew all of my clothes and my daughters. Just this morning I told my beloved, I think I want to be a tree hugger. ;0) He said, okay, I think we can do that. lol I asked him, if I sewed some nice cloth bags, would you use them in the supermarket? He stood quiet and asked if we could just use some milk crates in the trunk. Instead of bagging our groceries in the supermarket, we can just leave it in the cart and place it in the crates in our trunk. We can then bring the crates into the house to put the groceries away. He’s meeting me half way, so I’m looking into some collapsable crates or something environmentally friendly. I’m also vegan. It’s not hard at all. I am going to try vinegar for cleaning, I just need to get some oils. Well…sorry for rambling, just happy to see others trying to do the same thing. ;0)

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