February 2, 2007

Sorry, but the feminist in me just can’t let this one go by without comment, even if I come across as a prude. Sex to sell coffee?? What the…?
Apart from the usual criticisms about sexism and the exploitation of women’s bodies for commercial purposes, these “sexpresso” bars seem to expose some particularly ugly attitudes- as quotes from a few of the “news” articles on this phenomenon illustrate. There will be no “thong Thursday,” as some customers have requested (sounds like voyeurism to me), “If I’m going to pay $4 for a cup of coffee” said one male customer, “I’m not going to get served by a guy.” (homophobia? some man’s God-given right to see women’s skin for $4?), “Nobody wants to admit to their wives that they’re here,” Law said (now there must be a good reason for that!).


3 Responses to “Sexpresso?”

  1. DSvT Says:

    WTF, Why the world be so clue to the women? They do not have any sister/mother/wife?

    I would not buy the coffee from this kind of place.


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