Summer sand

February 4, 2007

After an endless winter and a wet and windy start to the summer, the sun has finally come to Wellington. We decided that we had better make the most of it, and this afternoon we went to the beach. The beach we went to- the closest one to us- was the newish beach at Oriental Bay. This is a man-made beach near the central city, often called Wellington’s “Riviera”.
The beach at Oriental Bay was originally made from sand carried from England as ballast in cargo ships. A few years ago the city council decided to upgrade the beach area and over 22000 metric tonnes of Golden Bay sand was barged in and placed behind an artificial reef. Supposedly it was all done in an environmentally sound manner and the result is stunning, a beautiful stretch of glittery golden sand . Very glittery. Little flecks of what looked like gold glitter stuck to everything that touched the sand. Natural? I’m not sure. Anyone have any ideas what it is and how it got there?



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