3 Americans Killed in Honduras Crash

February 7, 2007

Three churchgoers on a weeklong missionary trip were killed on Tuesday morning when their truck rolled over in an undeveloped part of Honduras, the mission organizer said.

It’s tragic but having spent time with several mission groups in Honduras I am really not surprised. The roads and driving conditions are appalling, and the drivers not a lot better. “Gringo” groups routinely take risks, doing things they would not do at home such as riding in the back of pickups, taking vehicles places they wouldn’t normally go and pushing on in conditions they wouldn’t normally travel in. I’m not saying that this group did any of that, I don’t know the exact circumstances. But given the number of mission teams that travel to Honduras (conservatively estimated in my research at over 100 teams per year), I think an accident like this was unfortunately bound to happen sooner or later.

My heart goes out to the families and to the rest of the team. I know how excited they would have been, how much sacrifice they made to be there. I know for some this would have been the trip of a lifetime. And I know they went with the best of intentions. Accidents like this are tragedies wherever they happen but it seems even more sad in this kind of circumstance. My thoughts and prayers are with those left behind today.


2 Responses to “3 Americans Killed in Honduras Crash”

  1. La Gringa Says:

    It seems very strange to me that no details of the crash have been reported (at least in the last articles I read), not even here in Honduras, where gory details and and even gorier photos are usually published. It makes me wonder if they are covering up something.

  2. Sharon Says:

    That does seem strange. However given the attitudes I came across when I was in Honduras researching medical brigades I am not entirely suprised. The authorities would do almost anything to ensure gringo teams continue to come and provide free services.

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