Thinking about my hair…

February 8, 2007

How much longer am I going to think about my hair more often than about things in the world that matter?

Anne Lamott
from “Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith”

2 Responses to “Thinking about my hair…”

  1. Eugenie Says:

    Hi Sharon, hope you’re enjoying your holiday down south 🙂

    I love this quote from Anne Lamott, it’s so true! I always think some thing along these lines when I watch telly and see all the ads for hair products. What happened to plain old shampoo?!?!

    I’ve had my head shaved for about 14 years; I’ve had varying lengths from skin to about 2cm. It’s been a refreshing way to opt out of the hair obsession, but now I feel the need to grow it – I’m hoping to get it long enough to dread.

    The fact you posted this quote made me wonder if you’re planning some change with your hair?

    If you’d like, have a read of my blog where I am (among other things) chronicling my hair growing.

    Haere ra,

  2. Sharon Says:

    As you can see from the number of posts lately we’ve been having a great time.
    I came across this quote about the same time I was checking our budget to see if I could afford a haircut. It seemed appropriate. I have long hair, which was very short a few years ago. Not quite shaved but I did contemplate it. I’ve also contemplated dreads. I just don’t think I have the patience for the dreading itself, or to put up with the reactions from people around me!! I’m happy with my hair, especially after I squeezed enough out of the budget to chop off the split ends, but I do wish I could be a little less vain.
    And I am watching your hair chronicle with interest!

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