Small town girl?

February 20, 2007

(Am retyping this post from memory…again. we’re having a great holiday but I want my computer and broadband connection back!)

We have spent the last few days staying with an Aunty in a small rural town. It’s beautiful, very peaceful, and I have really enjoyed being able to unwind and relax here. So much so that I have found myself wondering whether or not I could actually live in a place like this. It seems a great idea- house prices are much cheaper, and sections are much bigger so I could really get into gardening and perhaps even keep chickens or a “house cow”! It feel like we could live in a far more environmentally conscious manner here. Certainly it appears to be a far more laid back and relaxed lifestyle.

However while it all seems very appealing now, I’m not really sure I’m cut out to be a small town girl. I’d miss the life of the city, the diversity and all the events and activities we have on our doorstep. I love the convenience of the city, with everything nearby. And I’m not sure I could cope with some of the more parochial attitudes around here.

In all honesty, I’m glad I live in Wellington. It has all the advantages of a bigger city, but it’s not. Ten minutes drive from home and I can be in countryside. Fifteen minutes to the beach. Unless, or until, we pack up and move around the world I’m happy to call Wellington home.


2 Responses to “Small town girl?”

  1. La Gringa Says:

    You’ve been tagged!

    Read about it here.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Ummmm… thanks! Will have to think about this for a bit before replying.

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