Bush woos Latin America

March 7, 2007

President Bush, facing criticism he has ignored Latin America, said Monday the region’s grinding poverty is a scandal that has caused some to question the value of democracy. He said the United States will spend tens of millions of dollars to improve education, housing and health care across the region.
“The United States of America is committed to helping people rise out of poverty,” the president said.

Please excuse my cynicism, but could this interest in Latin America be related to the increasing popularity of the left and the rise of leaders such as Chavez in Venezuela and Bolivia’s Evo Morales? What exactly does he mean by questioning the “value of democracy”? Turning to the left? Perhaps the authors of Conservapedia were serious when they wrote that the spread of left-wing ideology in Latin America is a threat to US national security. Perhaps Bush thinks drowning the region in aid will improve the image of the US in the region and prevent more countries from falling to the evils of socialism.

Never mind that most of those millions will be spent on military aid and fighting the drug trade.

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