Sexual health at church

March 22, 2007

Today I attended a sexual health training day for work. It was a very interesting day, but somewhat strange. The course was held in a church auditorium. It is usually held in a back room at a local church but the room was double booked so we ended up in the main auditorium. While I didn’t have too much problem discussing STIs and sexual health histories in that environment, it was somewhat disconcerting to see slides of infected genitalia projected into a huge screen at the front of the church. We had to wonder just what visitors and church staff passing by (or in their offices overlooking the auditorium) thought about it all.

Incongruous as the experience was, it was very encouraging to me. Sexuality is an important facet of human experience that is often either overlooked by the church, or brushed over with teaching about abstinence. Perhaps if the church had more open and honest discussions about sexuality and sexual health there would not only be lower rates of STIs and teen pregnancy amongst Christian teens, but also healthier relationships. Todays course might have simply have been a group of nurses discussing medical conditions but the fact a church opened their doors to us and tolerated those images being projected into their sanctuary is a step in the right direction.


One Response to “Sexual health at church”

  1. thecandles Says:

    The Bible is a book where everything was shown like mirror for us to understand. So nothing wrong if we discuss and project pictures to understand human sexuality (ofcourse there has to be some limits on the pictures to be projected) inside the church. Good thing you shared. May God Bless you.

    An Indian Christian Friend, Chiradeep

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