More about chocolate slavery

April 5, 2007

…an article from the BBC


…and a great poster.

One Response to “More about chocolate slavery”

  1. almostgotit Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for tracking down this new BBC article! I was just getting ready to do another post on the issue with info my young daughter and I gathered (including some taste-testing… no reason not to make the pursuit of justice a happy one!!) I agree re “Green and Black” making YUMMY chocolate. We also found “Endangered Species” chocolate commonly available — not as good as G&B, but lots cheaper and even easier to find (and proceeds benefit animals as well as people!) Newman’s Own is pretty easy to find we thought. We’d like to know more about the chocolate grown in S. America (Columbia, Grenada, etc.) — this would bypass the out-and-out slavery in Africa, but may still be a fair trade issue comparable to much of the coffee from the area. Do you know more? LOVE THE POSTER, TOO. Where’s it from??
    From the team at

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