Mining Terrorism

May 10, 2007


Mario Tema Bautista, a recognized authority in Mayan languages, particularly Sipakapense, has also served as municipal mayor of Sipakapa in recent memory. During an event in Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University, Tema Bautista declares: “In Canada and the United States, cyanide is no longer used [by Goldcorp subsidiaries], but over there [in Guatemala and Honduras] they still use it… What we need is solidarity among peoples. We are denouncing these acts in an international stage because our governments are susceptible to international criticism.”


Carlos Amador, secretary general of the Regional Environmental Committee of the Siria Valley declares: “In the Siria Valley, Honduras, the negative impacts of the San Martin mine are extense. The destruction of the environment, implicit in open-pit mining methods, continues to affect our ecosystems… The contamination of several water sources have been confirmed due to the high content of cyanide and heavy metals… There are communities that have drunk water with high concentrations of arsenic, mercury and lead for years… Independent medical brigades have been documenting the ongoing rise in dermatological, respiratory, ophthalmologic, gastro-intestinal and other diseases.” (1)


One Response to “Mining Terrorism”

  1. […] an article on the Goldcorp mine in Honduras, something I have posted about before(here and here).  Here are some excerpts from the article: The results of the latest water quality and health […]

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