Issue of the Week: A trail of diamonds

May 19, 2007


After starting with a roar I’ve been a little slack about posting Issues each week. Maybe I should rename the category “Occasional Issues” or “Issues I post about when I have the time”!

I am going to be a little lazy again today and post a link rather than writing something that few people are going to read anyway. I found this photo essay chronicling the journey taken by diamonds from Africa recently which (despite being a different continent and commodity) ties in with some of my recent posts on mining. The saying goes that a picture says a thousand words and this certainly does…

It takes only weeks for a diamond, once uncovered in an African mine, to travel to India to be cut and polished and land in the showrooms of Paris or New York. The journey reveals some of globalization’s greatest fault lines—inequality, child labor, and outsourcing—and the people who too often fall through the cracks.


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