Sufing the alt.christian web

May 21, 2007

I have spent quite a bit of time over the past couple of weeks with a friend visiting from ‘down South’. We have known each other for a long time, going to the same high school, and to the same church through most of our teens and early 20s. Our lives have taken different paths, and our friendship has had its ups and downs but I really enjoyed the time we have just spent together and in particular the conversations about church and Christianity. It surprised me a little to find she and I were on much the same page, with similar thoughts and questions about what we were taught in the past. When she left she asked me to send her links to some of the websites and blogs that have stimulated and challenged my thinking. I have just spent the better part of a whole evening writing that email- mostly because I was distracted into reading as I went- so I thought I would use that email as the basis of a post here. Maybe someone else out there will find these interesting too…

Conversation at the Edge and the Ebay Atheist are linked blogs that are a “friendly dialog” between Christians and atheists- this article on Yahoo explains a bit about where they started. They also have links to other blogs such as Justice and Compassion, “a conversation about how to create a more just, compassionate and peaceful world”.

Another interesting site is Emergent Village.

“Emergent Village… began meeting because many of us were disillusioned and disenfranchised by the conventional ecclesial institutions of the late 20th century… Above all, we became convinced that living into the Kingdom meant doing it together, as friends. Thus, we committed ourselves to lives of reconciliation and friendship, no matter our theological or historical differences.”

Related to that is a site for women- Emerging Women.

“(Emerging Women) is a space for women involved in the emerging church conversation to use their voice. This is a space to voice your thoughts, express your opinions, and practice your theology. This is a safe community where we can complain, deconstruct, brainstorm, network, dream, and encourage.”

A more socially oriented site is God’s Politics, very American (and has ads for such interesting sites as Soulmatch spiritual dating services!) but it has some interesting social justice and political stuff.

On FutureChurch NZ (a website I have only just found recently) I you can search for NZ emergent and alternative Christian groups and resources.

For something more lighthearted, there is the Ship of Fools.

From most of these there are links to other sites, and people;’s personal blogs, some a lot more interesting than others. It is very easy to keep surfing for hours. If you find you have too many sites to keep track of try a “reader” like the Google reader I was using when I showed you some sites here. Updates (“posts”) from the various websites are “fed” straight to the reader so you only have one page to load and can see all the updates at once. I think it is brilliant! You can sign up for that once you have started your gmail account. You can also easily share them- heres my shared items page.

3 Responses to “Sufing the alt.christian web”

  1. Benjamin Ady Says:

    Sharon, you made my day. Feels lovely to be on the receiving end of such a recommendation! Thankyou.

  2. Helen Says:

    Hi Sharon, thanks for the mention!

  3. Sharon Says:

    Benjamin and Helen- you’re very welcome! Thank you for though provoking and interesting blogs. Since finding your sites I have felt a little less alone in my “wondering”!

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