www for 2 year olds

June 2, 2007

She’s not yet 2 but my little girl is already developing an attachment to the computer, and she definitely has her favourite sites and activities. I thought I’d post them here, if for no other reason than so that I can find them in a hurry!

I was a bit slow finding out about Youtube, my introduction was el Catracho showing his baby animal videos when she was about a year old. The average user is probably still about 10 times her age but there is plenty to amuse her. She really really likes In the jungle (the lion sleeps tonight), and she still enjoys Funny animal videos.

Another favourite is Habia un Sapo” by Atencion Atencion, a Puerto Rican group we discovered through Chichi’s Spanish playgroup.

Animals are a recurring them, she loves looking at Cuteoverload, and as it is a blog we can be sure of finding new animal pictures every time we check in.She also loves colouring pictures of animals and there are plenty on these Colouring pages, which we print off one a time for her to scribble on. I’m not sure if this is an environmentally friendly activity but it means we can print multiple copies of her favourite pictures, we don’t have to go out and buy any colouring books.


Chichi has also recently discovered computer games (thanks again to her Papi!), she can spend ages playing CrashBangWallop from Amy’s Games. Somewhat frighteningly, this is a game aimed at babies and toddlers, and provides a rewarding experience for simple banging at the keyboard. It is designed to encourage cause/effect exploration. It works.

As she loves Dora the Explorer we have recently downloaded La Casa de Dora as an alternative to sitting her in front of the tv. She is a bit young to play it properly but enjoys pointing out the various objects.

Now I’m not sure what child development experts have to say about children this young and computers, and I take no responsibility for the results should your child follow any of these links, but I have to say having websites like this certainly helps my sanity especially as we head into a cold grey Wellington winter.

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