Global Snippets

June 9, 2007

Women forced to give up their jobs, marriage: Another consequence of the war in Iraq. “Insurgents and militias want us out of the work environment for many reasons: Some because they believe that women were born to stay at home – cooking and cleaning – and others because they say it is against Islam to share the same space with men who are not close relatives”.

And the G8 Verdict Is – Failure: “Even this $60 billion smokescreen can’t cover up for the abject failure of the G8 to move forward on their AIDS promises. This is devastating news for the 40 million people living with HIV and AIDS… 24,000 people have died over the last three days while G8 leaders have been wrangling over text on how many lives to save”. And Oxfam has noted that only a fraction of the US$60 billion represented new aid since the figure was spread over an unspecified number of years and includes money already pledged.

Study finds child hunger costs Central America billions of dollars every year“This study is a wake up call to the international community that widespread child hunger is not only a moral and humanitarian issue, but it has economic consequences as well.” Maybe those leaders who don’t care about children’s lives will listen to the money.

Finally, some good news-for those of us that live in New Zealand: The Global Peace Index ranks NZ at no. 2.  The news is not so good if you live in the Sudan or Iraq. And it does make me wonder about the wisdom of our plan to move from NZ to Honduras.


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