A house fire and a car crash

July 30, 2007


CRAIG SIMCOX/ Dominion Post

Don’t worry, I’m still here. But I am a little sad. The burning house above was my first flat in Wellington. That window of flames was my bedroom. It was apparently abandoned and due to be demolished to make way for an apartment building. Even 10 years ago it was not in the best shape. The floors sloped so badly I had to prop the head of my bed up on blocks of wood to make it even with the feet, and the gap under the door was a triangle. But despite being old and run down, infested with mice and in a rather noisy location it was a great place to live. It was close to town, sunny and bright,a good price (so spare dollars were saved for traveling) and the flatmates were heaps of fun. So I’m sad. Lots of memories went up in smoke yesterday.

In other news, a car accident on the motorway led to big delays this morning. It took me an hour to get to work today (normally 15, or 25 minutes at peak time).

Sadness. Frustration. That was my life in the news today.


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