Dr Sharon?

September 24, 2007

It might be because I have gone completely mad but I have finally made my decision. I am resigning my job, uprooting my family and putting my life on hold for 3 years. I am going to do the PhD.
In the end it was a simple enough decision. My Catracho needs to finish his degree and the best way to do that is to re-enrol as an internal student (extramural/ distance study was too difficult with his health problems). The doors are open to me at the same university, which is also where I did my Masters. And I have decided that as much as I like my current workplace, I don’t see myself being in nursing forever- I don’t quite kmow why but a career in teaching, writing and consulting is far more appealing to me. So a PhD it is, probably starting in January next year.

Dr. Sharon. I like it! I’m off to write some scholarship applications- wish me luck!


One Response to “Dr Sharon?”

  1. La Gringa Says:

    Congratulations on your decision and best wishes for success, you dork.


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