January 7, 2008


I know the New Year is already a week old but I’ve been away on holiday and am just catching up with reality now.  2008 is here.

And I’m about to start a PhD.

I found it interesting to look back at the very first post on this blog (NewYears 2007) and my “non-resolutions”, and to see how far I have come.  And I’ve come a lot further than I ever would have imagined.  At the start of 2007 a PhD was really only a dream, something I might one day do.  My aim for the year was simply to “make the most of all the professional development opportunities that I can, read more and perhaps try to write a couple more articles.”  I did that, and also started making enquiries into the PhD process, which turned into longer discussions and then a research idea, which became a proposal and a scholarship.  And here I am, somewhat bewildered, ready to start.

I’ve made mixed progress on the other non-resolutions.  The PhD topic is Honduras-focused and will involve travel to Honduras, hopefully as soon as September this year and certainly for most of 2009. It might not quite be the way I thought we would do it, but it gets us there!  As for my plan to “be more community minded and more ethically and environmentally conscious in the way I live”, well I try.  Working in a non-profit organisation has certainly made me a lot more conscious of the community around me, but I still come home and hide a lot!

So what about 2008?  I’ve not made any resolutions or non-resolutions this time. To be honest between being a mum, working and planning a PhD  I haven’t had the time or head space to think about it.  Any goals I have for them moment revolve around the PhD.  I have set myself the somewhat ambitious task of getting through the first year’s work (full proposal and literature review) before September so that we can go to Honduras to do a Spanish school and attend a conference.

This means I will be working very hard for a while.  But not at the expense of my family.  I guess my real goal for the year is to get this PhD underway while continuing to be the best mum and wife I can be.  Lets hope I can be at least as sucessful this year as I was in 2007- I can’t afford not to be.

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