Packing, cleaning and moving

January 24, 2008

The title of this post kind of says it all.  After my deep introspection of my last post I am back to the more prosaic and mundane aspects of change.

I finally recieved confirmation of my provisional registration and enrolment in the PhD program today, the scholarship is sorted, as is accomodation and childcare for my daughter. All that remains is to finish one last week at work and to pack and move! It seems quite unreal that in just over a week I will actually be starting a PhD.

What is real is the work we need to do this week. Storage space is limited and the accomodation we are moving to is furnished so there is a lot of sorting to do before we pack- stuff to keep and take, stuff to keep but store in Wellington, stuff to give away and (a scary amount of) stuff to throw away. This task is complicated bythe fact that my darling husband has injured his knee and currently has very limited mobility (although keeping him sitting down for long enough to enable to knee to heal is proving a real challenge, especially with an active 2.5 yr old around!).

But we will get there. 3 working days, 5 packing days and 1 cleaning day to go!


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