Thinking global

January 26, 2008

A couple of interesting things I found in my google reader today…


I think this ad from the Grey ad agency in Milan, Italy is supposed to highlight the need to think about global warming, but I think it can also be seen as a challenge to think about other global issues too.


Thinking more positively AVO Market is a new online collaborative work that “allows you to explore different types of markets from all over the world. I love it- the photos remind me of my travels. Whereever I go in the world, one of the first places I like to visit is the local markets. You get a glimpse of how people live, what they eat, wear and use in thier homes; how they relate and do business; and the art, music and local culture of a place. Suburban malls don’t even come close to that kind of experience!

H/T Treehugger– thanks!


3 Responses to “Thinking global”

  1. benjamin ady Says:

    the ad struck me in this way: “You should be worrying even more than you currently are”.

    I reject it on two counts. Firstly, I reject “oughty shoulds” on principle, and secondly, Worrying doesn’t help anything–all it does it allow us to feel better about it, as if by worrying we had *done* something to improve it.


  2. joeturner Says:

    I thought it was just saying that the man is worried about his eyelash when the back of his head is cracking up. Not so much that we should do more worrying, but we should face and deal with the issue rather than ignoring it.

  3. Sharon Says:

    Good point Benjamin. I don’t like “oughty shoulds” either, but that wasn’t really how I read it initially- although I can see now how that could easily be taken that way. I read it as a comment on the fact that we all worry about/ think about small and personal issues and often forget the issues facing the wider world we live in. I guess I saw it as a challenge to consider those issues.
    I really like your interpretation Joe. Just shows how everyone “reads” images like this a little bit differently!

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