Eat less meat

April 16, 2008

Following on from my post of food riots a couple of days ago, George Monbiot has posted an article about the crisis, focusing on the problem of meat consumption.

…But there is a bigger reason for global hunger (than using food crops for biofuels), which is attracting less attention only because it has been there for longer. While 100m tonnes of food will be diverted this year to feed cars, 760m tonnes will be snatched from the mouths of humans to feed animals(9). This could cover the global food deficit 14 times. If you care about hunger, eat less meat.

I’m pleased to say I have been more or less vegetarian for a week now. I say more or less because we spent the weekend at my parents home and I had decided not to tell them until I was a little more certain that this would last and wasn’t a 2-day wonder, so I did have a very small amount of lamb on Saturday night.  And we had fish on Friday night but it was caught by my Dad!  I think however, that I have reached a decision that I am happy about, and will be able to maintain.  Actually I have been very happy since making the decision, and I think it is because I have been feeling increasing uncomfortable about eating meat.

Along with the post about meat, Monbiot has also recently posted about growing your own veges.  I’ve had a garden before (with mixed success) and it is something I will do again- once we are out of student accomodation!  For now I’ll have to stick with local markets.


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