Computer withdrawl

May 2, 2008

My computer is sick. So using some of my scholarship funds I bought a new laptop (which I needed to get for study and travel anyway). Unfortunately that started doing odd things almost immediately and so has had to go back to the shop for a few days.

I am now realising just how attached I am to computers and the Internet. I surprised myself at just how upset I got when the technician told me on Wednesday that he hadn’t found the problem with the laptop and would have to keep working on it (although it didn’t help that he was dismissive and almost rude on the phone). I think I might be in withdrawl.

I have to confess. I totally understand this today….

2 Responses to “Computer withdrawl”

  1. benjamin ady Says:

    maybe you should have gone with a mac? =p

  2. Sharon Says:

    Hmm I was tempted. Problem is the software I (and the university) uses. It’s just much simpler to use Windows for now. Supposedly.

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