Hagee Says Stay-At-Home Dads Go to Hell

August 29, 2008

HT Feministing

Please don’t ANYONE show this to my hard-working, dedicated and ultra amazing husband and stay-at-home dad. Challenging deadbeat Dads is one thing but this is just hideously misogynistic and completely not Christian bullshit.


One Response to “Hagee Says Stay-At-Home Dads Go to Hell”

  1. yuthink Says:

    that’s a narrow point of view..
    I’m a stay at home dad – i work part time as realtor and do other things. When my duaghter was born i worked in a warehouse afternoon shifts, night shifts I only saw her sleep or on the week ends. When my son was born being a realtor gave me the opportunity to actually see my boy take his first steps, first words, and do more than just come home and watch him sleep.

    ofcourse i am not happy doing luandry and stuff, but I am seeing my child grow before my very eyes. I think mr haggie took it out of context, i’ll let him slide by with that – becuase if were going to through mud, being a pastor that can go home when ever he wants and can work out of his home office and have his kids around him…. is not a real comparison to what real people have to do to live in Gods America….

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