Here in Honduras

September 18, 2008

We are here!  After 4 flights and 5 airports we crashed in a hotel in San Pedro Sula for a few days to recover.  We are now in Copan Ruinas, a beautiful little town near the Guatemala border whose claim to fame is some amazing Maya ruins.  We are not here for the ruins through, but so I can do some spanish study and attend a conference here.   I started the classes on Monday, and am already feeling far more confident.

Our little girl has settled in reasonably well.  She proved to be an incredible little traveller, pulling her wheelie bag through airports like a pro and sleeping on planes far more easily (and confortably) than any adult! She took a little while to settle in Honduras, the travel and new experiences were obviously exhausting for her, but she relaxed a lot once we arrived in Copan.

I thought I knew a lot about traveling but in the process of flying half-way around the world with a small child I have learned a few more, very important lessons:

-Always sort and organise clothing, toys and travel essentials BEFORE going shopping for a trip!

-Always check the seat numbers allocated before leaving the check-in desk at the airport.

-There’s nothing wrong with using disposable nappies for a few days- and they really are soooo convenient!

-A tip for ensuring good service- take along a super-cute toddler!  You get priority in (some) queues, offers of help with bags, extra snacks, and even US immigration officers may crack a smile.

-You can never pack too many snacks, but with some imagination anything can become a toy.

-It is worthwhile organising accommodation ahead of time, especially for the first few days.

-Traveling with a child can get expensive.  Staying in child-friendly accommodation and eating in “safe” places costs much more than the places we used to stay and eat!

-It’s worth it.  Exhausting, often stressful but definitely worthwhile to see her experience new things, and learn more about her fathers culture and homeland.

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