Don’t Corrupt Aid

March 9, 2009

don't corrupt aidNew Zealand’s National government would like to merge NZAid back into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAT).  This would be a major step backwards.  The two were seperated by Labour in recognition that NZAid should remain independent of Government foreign policy (particularly trade), so that aid could be directly more effectively to poverty alleviation rather than to reinforce the interest of business elites. 

Murray McCully’s statement that dropping money out of helicopters = poverty alleviation is evidence of the governments ignorance of aid and development issues.  However it appears that the review of NZAid  will be done without public consultation or advice from development experts.  Being a grad student in development studies I know more than a few experts in the field whose advice on the merger would not be what the government would like to hear so I’m guessing there’s good reason why thier opinions are not being sought.  Which is sad, but not entirely surprising for this government. Once again it seems that knowledge and expertise are being sacrificed on the altar of political philosophy.


3 Responses to “Don’t Corrupt Aid”

  1. Frank Says:

    Hi Sharon. Thanks for lending your voice to the campaign. The more people speak up, the better.

    Frank Ritchie
    Education and Campaigns Manager (TEAR Fund NZ)

  2. […] 1, 2009 by Sharon So, after some dramatic statements, much speculation, many rumours and very little consulting, Murray McCully has announced that […]

  3. rezetta Says:

    hy there, im currently writing an essay on the recent change by the government on its focus towards aid can you guys help me find more information on why the government’s movement is wrong or illegitimate!

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