March 18, 2009

I am confirmed! I presented my PhD research proposal at a department seminar this afternoon, answered some questions, discussed the research with a panel and am now pleased to announce that after a year of provisional registration I have met the requirements and am officially a fully confirmed PhD candidate! This is a major step in the PhD process. It means the university is confident I have the ability to do the work, and I can officially get on and do the research. Unfortunately I won’t be getting into the research work immediately, but will be doing some paid consultancy work for the next couple of weeks, just to help keep food on the table. But on that table tonight will also be a celebratory bottle of bubbly! One year complete, two to go!

4 Responses to “Confirmed!”

  1. Julie Fairey Says:

    Yay! Well done you 🙂

  2. Sharon Says:

    Thanks Kiki and Julie. It’s feels so good to have this milestone under my belt.
    Of course, it would feel even better if I didn’t have to spend my Sunday working on this consultancy work! Back to work….

  3. Clarissa Says:

    I know this is like, 2 weeks late, but still, congrats Sharon! 🙂

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