Help Haiti

January 14, 2010

By now many of you will be aware that Haiti was hit by a major earthquake yesterday.  Haiti is a very poor country, poorer than Honduras, and my heart goes out to all who are suffering there, particularly those still trapped.

More information on this crisis can be found at the usual news sources such as the BBC.  For the most recent updates the Guardian has a live blog which is being updated every few minutes, as does Al Jazeera; and the LA Times has a Twitter list of sources tweeting from within Haiti.

At a time like this we all wish we could help.  While most of us can’t (and probably shouldn’t) drop everything and run to help in person, we do have something those already there need.  Our money. Please consider donating to the relief efforts in Haiti.  If you have a preferred agency check if they already have a programme in Haiti.  If not, find one.  Preferably one that already has people on the ground in Haiti.  I recommend Partners in Health, an organisation with a long-standing and well -respected programme in Haiti.  They do accept international credit cards, but those in NZ who want a tax receipt Oxfam NZ also has an emergency response team based in Haiti. For other ideas blogger Chris Sacca ha a post up on 6 ways you can help Haiti.


2 Responses to “Help Haiti”

  1. […] is a money donation to a reputable aid agency (but watch out for Disaster scams).  My recommendation was, and continues to be Partners in […]

  2. portapure Says:

    This week Portapure is commemorating the launch of Pocketpure, (which retails for less than $20) by donating 50 Pocketpure water purifiers to Haiti. Pocketpure water filtration system inventor, George Page will be visiting Haiti Christmas Eve and partnering with Light Ministries, a re-building organization in Haiti, to deliver Pocketpure. Pocketpure will be donated to aid in the effort to help fight the spread of cholera within its most effected victims, orphaned Haitian children.

    Pocketpure water filtration system inventor, George Page, drinks Lake Michigan water mixed with horse manure to demonstrate Pocketpure’s effectiveness.

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