Ummm… we’re home

December 8, 2008

And have been for nearly a month.  As you can probably guess from the quiet on this blog it’s been a busy month.

It has been a month of celebration- my Honduran got his NZ citizenship and became a Kiwi, we celebrated 7 years of marriage and I had a birthday.

It has also been a month of hard work.  Starting to transcribe the interviews from Honduras, writing and presenting a paper at a national conference and trying to re-write the literature reviews and proposal for my confirmation in February (at my university all PhDs are only provisionally registered for the first year and must complete a set amount of work and presnt a confirmation seminar before being given full candidate status).   Luckily my daughter has settled well back at her childcare centre and my lovely Kiwi-Honduran husband is able to take on much of the rest of the weekday care.  This of course I am often feel hugely guilty but also immensly grateful for.

So onwards to Christmas.  The tree is up, we have been to one Christmas party, and missed one party already, have another two parties this week and I have to work out how to stretch an insanely small amount of money out for the Christmas shopping.  I’m not quite sure how I’m going to fit Christmas into the budget or my workload but we have a very excited 3-year old and I don’t think we’ll get away with having a quiet one!


The Story of Stuff

December 6, 2007

Please watch this teaser then go to the site to watch the whole thing- before you do your Christmas shopping!